Dreams Come True with the HP Sprocket Portable Printer

Merry Christmas!!!  I know quite a few of you that follow Fabulous Fun Finds on Facebook picked up a HP Sprocket portable printer right before the holidays in the nick of time to put under the tree!!  I have been chatting about it constantly since  HP sent me a Sprocket to use with my smart phone.   My kids and I have been having so much fun!

When you purchase online directly through HP Sprocket you have six colors of printers to choose from!   I went with classic white, but if my tween daughter had a choice she would go with purple.    These retail for $129.99 (2×3 paper size)  and they ship free when you purchase directly through HP.




I handed my phone and the printer to my 12 year old son to set everything up to see if this was easy enough for the tweens.  Lets be honest!  Tweens are more techy than most adults, so of course it was simple him!!!  My son had it up and running in no time.   Lets go through the simple steps together!  It is so easy!

First, you want to make sure your printer is fully charged.  The light will be red while charging and green once your device is full charged.  It takes about 60-90 minutes to fully charge.    Then on your mobile device you need to download the HP Sprocket App found in your app store or by going to HPSPROCKET.COM and downloading the app from there.   Your HP Sprocket purchase includes ten sheets of photo paper with a removable sticky back plus a calibration card.  Each calibration card is unique with each pack of paper.   The new calibration card should be used with each new pack of paper.  It calibrates the printer for the best quality and cleans the paper path.  You do not want to load more than 10 sheets of paper and the calibration card at one time.  Simply slide the top off the printer and load your callibration card with the barcode side down.  Then load the pack of  paper with the words face down.  Next power on your printer by holding down the button on the side for three seconds.  A white light on the top of the printer will turn on indicating power.  Next connect the printer to your smart phone via bluetooth.  You are ready to start printing!!  Wasn’t that so simple to set up!!!  I will say my printer did not print on the first run, so I did have to set the reset button on the printer and then it worked perfectly.


Is this not the coolest thing!!  This printer fits into my coat pocket, so you can print these photos wherever you go.   Don’t forget this printer paper also has a a sticky back, so your kids can go to town with stickers of their favorite photos.  The photo above is from a great trip to Saint Louis we took in October with my four kids.  I have to say my 12 year old son thinks this gadget is pretty amazing and has printed off a few pictures and has them hanging on a bulletin board in his room.

This photo was snapped Friday night at a Christmas parade.  This little gadget is handy.   I waited until I got home to print the photo, but we could have easily printed this gem right then and there.

Free shipping and free returns!!  Grab your HP SPROCKET and start printing while on the go!






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