Chip Chip Hooray Kit from Thoughtfully

Thoughtfully has been gracious enough to reach out Fabulous Fun Finds and sponsor this great post.  I selected a Chip Chip Hooray Kit to try out with my family and I am more than pleased with the experience!  It is crunch time and right now with Christmas next Monday!!   You can send a fabulous gift to a loved one that is packaged and planned out to perfection.

Chip Chip Hooray Kit

A Cookie Lover’s Gift Set


My 10 year old daughter is at that age where she loves to bake!  You can find her in the kitchen baking frequently.  She was beyond excited when the Thoughtfully package showed up on our door step!    The packaging itself is eye candy!  How can you not be excited about what is inside a gorgeous box.


The baking kit is simple to use.  My daughter completely made the cookie all by herself from start to finish!  This gift can be for anyone.  Each ingredient is perfectly packaged in unique and eye catching gift boxes and bags.  The whisk looks like it came straight from Pottery Barn!!!  Completely on trend with gold wires and a mint handle we both cheered about this gem.    We are so excited to be able to keep this treasure forever.


Above is everything inside the package,  It comes with a cookie baking mix, frosting mix, sprinkles, gorgeous whisk and an over sized personal cookie size pan!

Yep, this 10 year old went to town!  The directions are so simple and anytime I don’t need to help my kids in the kitchen is a WIN.  Butter and water are the only ingredients you need to provide yourself.  Everything else you need including utensils are included in the Chip Chip Hooray Kit!


Sprinkles included in the Chip Chip Hooray Kit


Tell me these sprinkles aren’t to die for cute!!  There was plenty to cover the pan with some to spare.



Finished product!  Happy girl!  This over sized cookie tastes WONDERFUL!!  There was plenty for her to share with her three siblings.


Thank you THOUGHTFULLY!!!  This was an amazing experience with a well thought out company and high quality product!



The Good HURT Fuego

If you need a gift for your spouse this Hot Sauce package is screaming my husband’s name!  I am sure there are others out there that would love a little FUEGO for the holidays!

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